How I feel myself while I’m reading – Part II



Another dystopia? Come, come don’t be shy ;) ! A. O. Esther – Gombnyomásra


Every book has its own secret, but these secrets have different meanings, which depends on the reader. I’d like to share these very often, but this story whispering me the opposite. I want to own it, and not telling anyone what was it like, but I can’t. It’s like a toy and I am the child who don’t let the others to see it, to play with it. Only mine! (This is my form, I started a blog, where I wanted to share my experiences and feelings after reading a book, and I found one which I do not, and not because it was unreadable.)

Well, well, well, another challenging story. I’ve read a lot of dystopian novel already, so I think this genre can be great for a writer who has creativity and imagination. Most of the dystopian novels are science fiction too (e.g. Hunger Games), or fantasy too (e.g. Kate Daniels series) which is less frequent. I see this way at least. This made me think. I couldn’t categorize the Gombnyomásra this way, because there were sci-fi like pieces, and there were the people’s aura. The aura seeing can be a part of fantasy world as a rare magic ability, but not in this case, because it is common, everyone own it. Finally I think it is not magic, but I still have a feeling, this is exactly that.

A. O. Esther - Gomnyomásra | Mia Milton and Liam Blackwood |

A. O. Esther – Gomnyomásra | Mia Milton and Liam Blackwood |

About the story:

We have a world in the future, where the people separated for those who lives in the big cities and for those who not (obviously in the forest or other outside living places). There is not any huge conflict between the citizens and the outsiders. However the citizens think of the outsiders  like cavemen, and the outsiders think of the citizens weak, conceited and easily suggestible. In some way they are right. The story begin after a scientist’s death, when his ghost ‘visit’ Mia Milton and ask her to help uncover a huge cheating. Mia is different than the other citizens so she help him, which cause she find herself outside the city’s safe walls. This is where the problems begins.

Do you understand why I said before, that this is unclassifiable? The story have a lot of different lines (mostly I am not the big fan of the more than 2 story line books, but there are some exception, like this). They are clear, they are not mess with you, do not let you in the dark that who is he, but still it does. It was healthier to my nerves, this ‘I show you the people, tell a lot of things about them, BUT NOT everything’ way. Therefore, I understand who is who, and what is happening right now. Which I hate (not the real hate, rather the angry hate) when I read a chapter with girl ‘A’, boy ‘B’, and man ‘C’, something is happening, but end of the chapter. I am like: NO! NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! I WANT THEM BACK! Yeah life is sucks, so I get a girl ‘X’ a man ‘Y’, a sister ‘Z’, whose story do not really care at the beginning but after I feel totally the upper way like “NO! NO!…” (You already know this). Mostly I feel this way all of the chapter’s ends. (Yep, after reading novels like this, I definitely need to find a psychologist, and I think I am not alone with this.) The other weapon in Esther’s armory is the dream which tell you what will happen to you. Good thing to know what will happen. (I thought this firstly, I was wrong.) You suffer from fear until it really happens. (No I do not want to fear, who want?)You try to avoid it to happen, but fate is not your friend (like google 😉 ) it happens. (So what you did before was totally waste of time and energy, huh exhausting situations.
Conclusion: Never mess with a writer who has armory and books like this. If you don’t be cautious, you will find yourself in a story as a hero/heroine. You will live in a ‘dream land’ no real life just fight, investigate love, imagine, seeing auras, mutant, glass skyscrapers, luminescent roads, wild forests etc.

A. O. Esther - Gombnyomásra | Stella Blackwood and Ruby |

A. O. Esther – Gombnyomásra | Stella Blackwood and Ruby |

About the characters:

Now I won’t write about the single person, because I have not read all the three books yet, so it will be a little general.

The protagonist (as we think  first) is Mia, but not really. She is the one who appear often enough to makes us feel this way. She is the black sheep in the city. She has this duality, not match into the good citizen picture but she is not a real outsider either, however those people will accept her. She start the events with her brave and curiosity, and she is on the main line where always happen something big.

This heroine need a hero, who keep her safe until she cause the problems ;), take care of her. We have a Liam for this position. He won’t stay in the background as Mia’s boyfriend, he act, run the things, help. He was the one who actually show how this new world operate. We get life mode information, history, and other important an detailed infos to feel this world real.  His role is like when somebody put you in the middle of a round room which wall is totally covered with one painting. You know that is a painting, you can tell where is the end up, and down. But ! If you put real things like sand, grass, horse figure etc. dow the room’s floor, and you are do it right, it will make the visitor feel that he is there e.g. a middle of a battle, and not just watching a painting. Basically we can say that Mia is the main painter, there are saboteurs, helpers, those who just watch the birth of the painting  and Liam who make things look real.

We got some tragedy on the Ruby, Stella line, but also a deeper image what is really going on at the cities.

Amanda and Russel the funny ones. Amanda is a bone and blood citizen and also Mia’s friend, Russel is Liam’s younger brother. They are my favorites right now, the funny moments was their.

A great cast, I was looking forward to what will come :D.

A. O. Esther - Gombnyomásra | Russel Blackwood & Amanda |

A. O. Esther – Gombnyomásra | Russel Blackwood & Amanda |


…see a ghost, who tells me to find something, and help him: I think myself crazy, and ask the others in my friends group, that I am the only one who saw him. I am not that brave to dig a grave out, so I probably tell the police that somebody hide there something dangerous, and wait for them to dig up. Of course I would hide and watch them. The breaking in is another story…

…had to runaway from my city because I’m wanted: I as fast as I can. (This could be done until I get tired which is about 50 m, in forest likely 25m). I would look for a hidden place and dig a hole, where I could sit until dawn, and sleep there while the sun is up. After I wouldn’t be tired anymore I would begin to look after some help.

…know my aura color: I really hate when the others know what am I think, or what am I feel. I like my privacy , I do not wish everyone to know all of your or my emotions because of my aura. I think my aura’s natural color would be light blue in a middle gray shell. I have no idea why that, it is not my favourite color, but I feel this way.

I really enjoyed and I am lucky that the second book isin my hands so I son’t have to wait. 😉
Have fun!

A. O. Esther gombnyomásra

Ilona Andrews – Burn for me |Book review with illustrations|

Burn for me |Hidden Legacy I.|

By. ilona andrews
Cover and blurb click for the larger image

Cover and blurb click for the larger image

Ilona and Gordon definetely on my ‘authors I love, and will love forever’ list. The reason I love their books so much, is mostly the creativity a lot of new idea. Their worlds and characters are detailed, interesting, and the most important, they are NOT PERFECT. We have a lot of perfect character nowadays, and I personally hate, when nobody make a mistake, their personality couldn’t be more angelic etc. Nope, these books’ people have mistakes, they make mistakes through the story. In short form, this means, these characters are similar to a normal person, which makes us feel better, but they are unique, and extraordinary too. I have no idea, how they can maintain the balance between these, but they can, huge respect.

About the story:

So, this is an urban fantasy. It couldn’t be more urban fantasy than it is already. We have a normal word, nothing extra desease, or nuclear world war etc. which destroy the planet. We do not have these, but serum. This serum gave magical powers for the users (or not  ;D ). This happened in the past. The users’s children got these powers too. Basically these powers became genetically inheritable. There are 3 big type of magic, elemental, mental, arcane, and several smaller type. The magic have different intensity. The magic users have ranked by the intensity of their magic to one of the 5 ranks. The strongest are the Primes, they are contentrated in houses (whic are the family too).  

In this story, there is 3 artifact which can cause catastrophe in the wrong hands, because these things amplifie the users magic.

Ilona Andrews - Burn for me | Nevada Baylor |

Ilona Andrews – Burn for me | Nevada Baylor |

About the characters:

Nevada Baylor: She is the female protagonist, who runs the family’s investigation buisness. She remind me a cat. Smart, cautious, free willed, intuitive. What makes me think this? Her actions of course, she try to avoid the conflict, not to jump in a fight without a good reason. She protect what is hers, and fight for those if it is necessary.  This could be a perfect character right? But no, she isn’t, because of her stubborness, and sometimes the over caution. Her ability the truthseeking is rare. Sometimes we think about, what would it be like to know always the truth. This is a nerve-racking ability, at least for me it is. I need my secrets, and my lies, everyone does. They make our inner world only for us. So if I could chose, I would cancel this kind of magic. If I got this magic, you have to keep a rubber room in hand.

Mad Rogan: A Prime telekinetic, with some telepathy powers. He is the head of the a House, and an ex soldier. That would be a miracle if all of these didn’t mean a too self-confident person. Mad Rogan isn’t an exception. Of course the too much cockiness always makes a person vulnerable. For now he is a mystery to me, but what I see is, he got a purpose, when Nevada appeared in his life. 

Ilona Andrews - Burn for me | Nevada in the office of Augustine Montgomery |

Ilona Andrews – Burn for me | Nevada in the office of Augustine Montgomery |

Adam Pierce and Christina Pierce: I know, that Adam is the more important in the story, but I think all of his idiotism came from her mother. They are both selfish as hell, and they are powerful and rich too. This is the rich kid syndrome, when somebody had everything, and he/she are unable to do something normal like work etc., when he/she grow up. Nevada grabbed Adam’s true personality right, he is a child in an adult body.  Christina, I think, too, because Adam is her toy. Adam is a pyrokinetic, thats cool, I woud be like that. 🙂 ‘Let’s  cook something on my hand!’

Augustine Montgomery: He and Nevada’s family is the greatest secret for me. I  feel he have a story, which is haven’t known yet for us. Why do I think this? We got a powerful Prime illusionist as Nevadas boss. He is merciless, but actually, he did not do anything, which other people in his place wouldn’t do, when he gave Nevada the Pierce case. He have a little fight with Mad Rogan, where we find out, there issomething between them.  Nothing more, he is the grey eminence for me, I feel this way. He is always there, but just in the background.

Nevada’s family: Interesting. The father was the kind figure until he died, and the mother is thestrong one. An ex soldier too. The grandmother is a mechannic, whiy is also unusual. Two sisters and two cousins. Basically, we got a big family without a the dad, but with cousins. They are like an upside-down triangle. A beautiful chaos, that is the best word for them I think. But still, they are mystery to me, their powers, their past etc. 😀 This makes me  curious, I would kill for the next book, I think.

Ilona Andrews - Burn for me | Mad Rogan uses the acubens exemplar on Nevada Baylor |

Ilona Andrews – Burn for me | Mad Rogan uses the acubens exemplar on Nevada Baylor |

About everything:
The idea of magical people are not new, but the way the authors show us is completely different, than the other stories. It was a surprising fact that the origin of magic in this case, was a serum and not some god, or other powerful creature. My scientist self was in ecstasy. They build up the whole story so logical, that it could become reality in the next moment. Like I said this is the most urban fantasiest, urban fantasy I ever read, magic and reality, science together awesome.

I am not a big fan of history,atleast the type of history I learned at school. The history of the great fire and the story Ilona and Gordon imagined around them, makes me belive, there could be the history, and the historical researche interesting, and fun things. 

Ilona Andrews - Burn for me | Mad Rogan uses his telekinetic powers against Adam Pierce |

Ilona Andrews – Burn for me | Mad Rogan uses his telekinetic powers against Adam Pierce |

I also love, that they not write a porn, they are not hurry, and even if the story has educational features, like eg. love your family, fight for them etc. these are not annoying, just the part of the story. These little things are there, where they have to be.

I’d like  to read the next book so much *___* , but this is not your problem.

What if I…
have magical powers, what rank, and what kind of magic I have: Um I would like to be an animator, but if my personality is a harmonizer . If I were a harmonizer, I woud be definetely a strong one a significant or a prime. But if my family is the important… I really don’t know, my mother would be an average truthseeker, but my father he is a stong one in some mechanical kind of magic. Well I’m puzzled.

got the job to go after Adam: Firstly I break something in Augustine’s office, or try to hit him, or kick him. I wouldn’t be as calm and patient as Nevada was. The possibility is high, that I would have been killed by Adam, because I was too hot-headed to not to run after him and try to catch him before I made some plan. If this, miraculously, would not happen, I would go to get a team who hate Adam, and want money enough to risk their life. After this … wait I sill do not have a plan. The  ‘got killed’ left.

belong to a House, which I don’t want to be in: I would choose to be outcasted in a moment. I hate when somebody try to control me, I didn’t not care if I wouldn’t have any money. I can do it myself, go to hell all of them. I am not an easy person right?

So this was my, “what am I think about the xy book” post. I hope you enjoyed, or you will read this book and the others too, from Ilona Andrews. There is very few author who can mix romance and urban fantasy in the right proportion. They are one of them ;).


My life is…

Hi Guys!

Did anything interesting happen to you lately?
Well, my life is a little boring nowadays, which I don’t regret. I am not the fan of the exams, and other stressful situations like that. ( Ok, ok, I had as much exam, that I am unable to stress myself because of it, bit this doesn’t change anything. )  This summer is a huge waiting for me, nothing else. I wait for my exam points, my letter from the medical university, which will assure me that I’m in, and I can  start the September as a med student.  Waiting for my new laptop to come.

I am inpatient,  to go to the Czech Republic in august.  This is some kind of work camp, where volunteers work. I have no idea who will be there, I know only one thing, that they will be somewhere near to my age. So I’m super curious,  because I love to meet other countries people. 

What do I do, in this ‘my life is so boring’ stage?
I draw a lot. My fingers are aching at this moment because of it. (This is all your fault,  I draw these to you :D). Read a lot, of course. I don’t know what happened to me, but I started to read a lot of hungarian author’s books, and enjoy them. Surprising. A long time ago… nope,  not a long time ago, but last year, I didn’t even look at the cover of a hungarian book. Brrrr, no, they all contain sadness,  blood,  lose,  hopless and other things like these few. At least I tough this,  until now. Maybe I’ve grown up a little more.

What will I bring to you next?
Hmhm… what do you think about the books of Ilona Andrews? These writers are on my forever favorite list. They have fantastic books. I will bring to you one of the newest,  which called Burn for me. 😀 I feel the need to write about it.  So, don’t move until I arrive with my ‘something which is not really a review’!  😉

And a daily drawing… painting,  which happened accidentally at biology class XD. I didn’t have any other paper, so the picture is on my biology exercise book’s cover.



Frigg rokkája ‘Frigg’s Distaff’ |book review with illustrations|

A. O. Esther
Frigg rokkája 
( ‘ Friggerock or Frigg’s Distaff ‘ )

So, this book is the first piece of Esther’s new series. It came out one week ago, therefore the book has the magnificent new book scent, which I adore. I started it at the moment when  the postman had left (He surpeised me again, because I was in pyjama. Every time he brings me one of Esther’s book I’m in pyjama. This is my destiny, probably).

Like I said long before, this author’s book are fantastic, every one of them. The covers and the inside of the books always feast to the eye. This one wasn’t the exception, but take a look at it.

A. O. Esther - Frigg Rokkája

A. O. Esther – Frigg Rokkája

About the book:
The title: Friggerock or in the other name Frigg’s Distaff is a star constellation inside the Orion. In the story this constellation have magical powers. Who is Frigg?  Frigg is a goddess of the atmosphere & clouds and also the wife of Odin in germanic mythology. The “smart ones” said that the name of Friday came from Frigg’s Day (good to know :D)

The story:  Alex and Sonja lives on the coast of  lake Stjerne. They are successful muscians in a 5 membered rock band. Sonja have dreams about her previous life when she lived with the vikings, and one day Sonja and Alex travel back to time, and find themeselves in 924 surrounded with the viking civilization. They have to survive in that bloody, full of fight century, which is not as easy as we think.

A. O. Esther - Frigg Rokkája | Lake Stjerne |

A. O. Esther – Frigg Rokkája | Lake Stjerne |

My not review review:

This book is literally, full of art. This was the first thing which made me a fanatic, because, I am this type. I can’t choose just one thing to love, neither from sciences (biology, physics, chemistry, geography etc. they are the most beautiful when you use them together, not just one of them), neither from art (digital or traditional, music, movie, dance etc.). They complete each other. This is what I felt when I read this novel.

Art of music:
Sonja: She is very sensitive, which is  good and  bad at the same time. Good, because this makes her a great musician, a song writer. She feel  the audience’s mood, and she can impress them. Bad, because in the age of viking’s this means vulnerability. Sonja has a big luck because there is always someone strong who can take care of her, f

irstly her older brother Alex, and after Einarr her lover.

Alex and the members of the band: They feels like the massive rocks for me. The kind of rock which remains stable whatever comes. Of course they have differences, but these men can handle everything which comes.

A. O. Esther - Frigg rokkája |Brenna gives Sonja the snake shaped bracelet |

A. O. Esther – Frigg rokkája |Brenna gives Sonja the snake shaped bracelet |

Art of drawing (tatooing):
Ulrik: I want to be like him. He has the talent of drawing, and also he is Einarr’s uncle.

Art of acting:
Brenna: I think she is the viking’s Meryl Streep and of course Einarr’s mother. She has so many face and always shows the one, which makes things happen the way she wants. She is believable, smart, logical, control freak and she has the incredible ability to create her lies logical. Powerful combination, right? If I were her, I would rule the whole word, just for fun.

Art of fight:
Einarr: The fight is a form of art too. This is the mix of psychical and physical kinds. To be the best, or to be at least good warrior, the physical strenght is not enough. He has independent thoughts which makes him a good leader, and this is why her mother can’t control him, nor not really (the power of mothers is well known for both of us I think)

Art of life:
Laetitia: A former model, who travelled back to time too. She is a real survivor. She do everything to stay alive, and make her circumstances better,  the of her actions price doesn’t matter. But, she has one big problem, the need of purpose. If she lose her purpose, she become empty, there is nothing to fight for, nothing to live for. This type of character have the chance to became the readers most loved heroe/heroine.

A. O. Esther - Frigg rokkája |Laetitia have been used as a sex slave by Mikkel |

A. O. Esther – Frigg rokkája |Laetitia have  used as a sex slave by Mikkel |

Dr. Carter: A doctor in 924? He is valuable and creative. The most precious thing in him, the ability of accomodation, which means he has sharp mind.

Art of harmony and taste:
Claire: Alex’s ex girlfriend. The readers I’m sure, will hate her, because she is selfish, but she can create the perfect harmony in her life, in clothing and everywhere, if the other people let her do this. She created Sonja’s costume, where every detail was perfect. This is rare, don’t you think? While Brenna is the ‘clever evil’ kind of character, Claire is the ‘passionate evil’ kind, you never know what will be her next move.

Art of words :
A. O. Esther (the writer): She is not a character, but this merit is hers. She created the whole word, which you will able to see if  you close your eyes. (I had a nightmare with snakes after I read the book, but shhhhh, this is a secret…). Especially I love  description parts, she is the master of those. This is strange, because in normal circumstances I am tired of descriptions, and prefer the action parts, but not in her books. 

A. O. Esther - Frigg rokkája |The snake shaped bracelet |

A. O. Esther – Frigg rokkája |The snake shaped bracelet |

If I …

– found myself in 924: First reaction is the massive shock, and unbelief, after this stage I probably would like to find, how the hell is this possible, and I have to find some scientifical explonation. Third stage ” I will die, freeze, starve to death or they will kill me rape me etc. (Negativity is important XD ). Last stage, nope, I will kill them if they do not want me to let me live my little life. Just look at me I’m a fucking skyscraper with my 1,86 m, and the average high that age is not this high I assume. So let’s be positive, I will watch their balding hair because they didn’t wear cap. These are the stages until I meet the first living person. After that, I probably, make some tale about my being, like I am a nymphe or witch or an oraculum… something. If that works, I use that story everywhere, If not probably I am dead person or a slave at that moment.

– were a viking warrior, who find some stranger: I take all of their belongings, and let them run. But! I keep an eye on them, It could be funny how they can handle this situation.  (Without a TV, people still need entertainement.

– were in a situation, where they try to sacrifice me: Uhm. I use again the oraculum, or witch story, or try to find something valuable in me, which worth for them to keep me alive. I would not scream, or protest, that just make me a victim. Act considered and cool, make those people believe that I am a higher form of life/intelligence/people.

If you have any idea, what situation could came across in a viking time travelling story, and what would I do If I were in them, let me know :).

A. O. Esther - Frigg rokkája |Einarr's viking ship |

A. O. Esther – Frigg rokkája |Einarr’s viking ship |



Alive (in some way)

The big summer break is here :D. Great, except the weather here is a big s**t. A lot of rain, and the neither hot & neither fold temperature. Whatever… I’ll come with some normal post from books.
I am drawing like a maniac these days (and at this moment too), because I’d like to show them with the book’s “not really rewievs”.  I’ve almost finished them, so not too much time until the upload.

Until than a ‘just for fun’ type of photo (from Nothing extra, I just put some effect on it.

If you have vacation too, I hope You’ll enjoy that, and relax a lot :D. If you don’t, You’ll have once, and than you can relax and enjoy your free-time.

Have fun!

Somewhere else | ON MY HAND |

Have you ever feel that you want to be somewhere else?
I hade tons of minutes when I felt this through my learning periods. (In my case learning periods mean those short time intervals when I actually learn something. There are of course longer pauses between them.) I finished my last exams (I think in English  you call this A level ). I have mixed feelings. The fact that I finished all of my exams and got the results, which are pretty good (great actuallly), and I’ll probably start September as a doctor of future (6 more years is totally future) makes me unbelievably happy. The dark side is this was our last chance to be a class. We werw a class through 8 hard years. Probably, the behavior of our class was the worst, but every single student in our class was intelligent,  smart, and extremely lazy. This is sometimes a bad thing, but you know the lazy and intelligent people became the best bosses. 🙂 They were great,  but sometimes worse than my worst nightnard, anyway I’d like give every classmates of mine a Teddy bear hug.

This was the starting reading lesson for everyone, who are reading this now. My theme today is, what if I have the mood to draw somewhere else than the paper. So I painted flowers and other patterns on my hand. I did it with watercolor,  and I do not know the unhealthy things in those. Write me id you liked it and want to see more.